Sunday, November 1, 2009

Is it about originality or is it about timing!!

I have often been complemented on my ability to chose words which are very simple and easy to understand... The founding fundamental was embedded in me very early ... it was called the KISS Factor... much to your disappointment - KISS is not a smooch.. and much as I would like it.. but is is KEEPING IT SHORT & SIMPLE....

Rhyming is an interesting way to catch words and play with it... Try it... suddenly you will find the poetic best coming out in you... In that best, you and people will start seeing Humor... The idea is to be aware and alert which helps you be good with your ability to think and translate those thoughts into words...

I have never tried to emulate anyone... but focus on my strengths which helps me compete only with myself... It is like a game of Golf... each time you play.. you want to hole the balls faster than the previous time... ;))

Since it is about keeping it short.. I will prefer to limit it to short notes with continuations ;))


  1. How about KISS being KEEP IT SWEET & SUBTLE?

  2. Hey tyke,
    I got a bike
    which I like
    with a mike.
    Take a hike
    be ready to strike ______